Pure information is already functional and serves its purpose on its own, but people only become active when they are emotionally addressed.

Embedded in a tailor-made environment with cognitively and emotionally appealing designs, information becomes an experience and gains meaning, changes minds and hearts alike and connects customers with brands and products.
          Through the congenial combination of storytelling and visual concepts, the holistically designed and award-winning user experiences created by Studio Pettinato focus on the goals and values ​​formulated by the customer, which are ideally implemented in the product, in the brand or in the company itself.

Isabel Pettinato founded the studio in 2006 while studying communication design with pathway interface design and media theory at the Merz Academy in Stuttgart. She moved to Hamburg in 2011.
          With over 17 years of professional experience, Isabel Pettinato loves working with clients, agencies, startups and creative professionals from all disciplines to jointly develop fun, purposeful and intuitively user-friendly products such as native apps and responsive websites from mobile, tablet, desktop to TV.

Isabel Pettinato, founder & designer

Studio Pettinato offers a wide range of digital services to create and implement a design solution entirely tailored to the individual needs of client and user:

Design Consulting

With a high level of experience in design strategy, communication design and design production, Isabel  Pettinato evaluates which strategic approach could be used to improve the product on all levels. In close cooperation with the customer, it is defined which extensions are expedient, how they can be implemented profitably and what can be dispensed with.
          In addition, she advises direct clients on setting up and onboarding an in-house design team, supervises the designers in the teams and helps them to optimize communication with other departments within the company.  

Design Trends & Prospects
Technical Advisory of Design Process & Production

Creative Art Direction

Agencies and companies can hire Isabel Pettinato as the executive User Interface Designer and as Design Team Lead. Besides coordinating the design processes, the creative visions of each individual team member are included in the workflow and the team is encouraged to get involved in the implementation of the defined goals.
          In addition she plans and directs content productions, ensuring that the end product aligns with the creative strategy.

Visual Concepts
Art Buying
Art Direction On-Set

Digital Branding

Isabel Pettinato creates exactly the form, statement and environment that appeals to the target group of her customers by carving out the unmistakable characteristics that make the brand or idea stand out and captivate on all digital platforms: a sustainable, smart result with that certain something in a dynamic and constantly evolving world.
          She specializes in creating ideas from scratch, initiating digital transformation processes and leading established brands in new directions.

Brand Identity & Design
Brand Guidelines
Digital Experiences

User Interface Design

Nativ, hybrid and responsive: With her design Isabel Pettinato brings vision and strategy to life and carries out the implementation for all common platforms and devices – with extensive background knowledge in design and digital technology.
          She believes in the power of interdisciplinary teams and is highly experienced in working with strategists, information architects and developers.

Website Design
App Design
Design Systems

Content Creation

Illustrations, photographs, animations, stories or small film productions – together with a long-standing, multidisciplinary network of specialists, Isabel Pettinato creates recognizable content that addresses the needs of the audience – tailored to all digital and social channels.

Motion Design

UX Strategy

Strategy means finding a clear answer to what a product stands for and who should perceive it.
          Tailored to the respective request, Isabel Pettinato designs an interdisciplinary cooperation between the strategy partners and the studio. Its characteristics are a mutually inspired approach, a synergetic merging of different perspectives and the saving of working time - to name just three of the many advantages of using at least two professionals for targeted, digital experiences.

User Research
Persona Development
Information Architecture

Independent, small studios and internationally active corporations — Studio Pettinato has worked with various clients and brands. From Retail, Food, Beauty, Fashion, TV & Music, Publishing, Arts & Culture, Science & Research to Sports:






LG GroupResponsive







PIA GroupResponsive









Universal RecordsResponsive

and many more.

For deeper insights go to works.


In collaboration with agencies and clients Isabel Pettinato's designs have been awarded prizes such as:

Red Dot Design Awards
Annual Multimedia Award Silver
Best of Mobile Award »Media«
iF Communication Design Awards
German Design Award Nomination
Eyes & Ears Award


The studio is part of an interdisciplinary, long-standing network of creative professionals:

Artists & Illustrators
Strategy & Interactive Designers
Mobile & Web Developers
Graphic Designers for Printed Media
Film & Video Producers

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